Gala Awards Dinner

Join us for the 7th annual Gala Awards Dinner!
May 25th | 6-8PM | City Club of San Francisco

2017 GALA AWARDS DINNER - Connections for Building an Intellectual Community

On May 25th, BAUDL will host the 7th annual Gala Awards Dinner. Guests from Bay Area law firms, corporations, government and nonprofit organizations came together at the beautiful City Club in downtown San Francisco to celebrate in the success of the BAUDL youth who are using competitive debate to access college and careers.

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Great Debater Award Winner - Yolanda Jackson

BAUDL is proud to present the Great Debater Award to Yolanda Jackson for her dedication to excellence through diversity and equality in the legal profession.

Yolanda is the Executive Director and General Counsel of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) and The Justice & Diversity Center (JDC). As the Executive Director, she leads two organizations that focus on excellence in the legal profession, promoting humanity and cultivating diversity and equality in the legal profession (BASF); in addition, they advance fairness and equality by providing pro bono legal services to low-income people and also educational proramming to foster diversity in the legal profession (JDC).

We are pleased to celebrate Yolanda's accomplishments and are excited to hear about her vision for a just world.

Visionary Award Winner - Christine Harris

The Visionary Award is presented to a BAUDL student who has shown exemplary achievement and advancement through debate and who offers a deep understanding of the BAUDL program along with a strong vision for how the program can continue to grow and improve.

Christine began debating her freshman year of high school and has proven to be the most competitively successful debater to ever come through BAUDL. Among her long list of achievements, Christine has qualified to the National Urban Debate Championship 3 times, and has won 3 national tournaments as part of the BAUDL traveling team, most recently winning the Urban Debate National Championship in April 2017. Christine & her debate partner Malachi are currently ranked 20th in the country!

As the Skyline debate team captain, Christine is a true inspiration to her team and is loved by league competitors. Through summer debate camps at Cal, Towson, Dartmouth, and the University of Texas, Austin, she has continued to advance her skills and brings back knowledge to share with her teammates.

Christine has a promising future with plans to be an attorney. She interned at the John Burris Law Offices in July of 2016 and participated in the BAUDL Law Mentorship program. Outside of BAUDL, Christine is an active member of the Skyline High School campus, where she restarted the Black Student Union and holds a 3.7 GPA. Check out Christine's recent KPIX segment, to get a brief view into Christine's story as a BAUDL debater.

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Sponsorship Opportunities - Levels & Benefits - to receive a sponsorship pack, please email



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- 2 tables for 8 at the Gala Dinner
- 16 tickets to the VIP reception
- Banner advertising on BAUDL website (homepage) for one month
- Company spotlight article in BAUDL e-newsletter distribution of 3,000+
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​- Table for 8 at the Gala Dinner
- 2 tickets to the VIP reception
- Name recognition on event invitation, program, website, and signage
*Half Table Sponsorship available upon request​ ​
​ ​The VIP reception begins at 5:30pm. VIP ticket holders will meet and mingle with awardees, including pictures with the honored guest as well as the Visionary Award winner, BAUDL student of the year.

Current Sponsors:

​Citi Private Bank
Kaiser Permanente
​Silicon Valley Urban Debate League
John & Nina Cobb
Latham & Watkins
Snyder Family
​High Flying Foods
Lex Machina
Stuart Foundation
Julia Burke Foundation​San Francisco State University
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

For more information, please contact Toni Nielson at 510-451-4020 or

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For more information, please contact Toni Nielson at 510-451-4020 or