Leading with Debate Fellowship 2015

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​​​​BAUDL Public Debate Series

​A change-maker is a social innovator who is ready to give the world feedback and potential support to boost their impact in our collective community. BAUDL is calling all change-makers to ​make a connection with Bay Area youth who are civically engaged and equipped with information and ideas for the betterment of the Bay

Are you ready to make a connection with the next generation of leaders

Are you ready to engage local politis at a meaningful level? 

Do you have two hours to work with youth as mentors and role models? 

​If the answer is yes, RSVP today by clicking on the link below & Make a Difference in the lives of Youth! 

I am a Change-Maker!

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Ready to Participate? Pick your Event. Three Different ​​​​Events Explained: 

​1. ​​BAUDL Ted Talks: BAUDL youth use their critical thinking skills to address the problems in their communities. Each student has developed a 5-7 minute presentation in the style of a TED Talk with the hopes to gaining the meaningful support of changemakers. We ask a change-maker to observe, listen, consider, and provide feedback to help make the visions of BAUDL youth realities. 

2. The Bay Area Community Debate:

A. Pair up with a BAUDL youth and try your hand at competitive debate in a shortened and public format. Work in a one-on-one setting to prepare. Bring your skills to the debate round. This experience will change the life of a young person forever. In fact, it's how Mya Whitaker met Mayor Libby Schaaf and began to think of her own future career in government. 

B. Offer your eye and thoughts to the Judging of our Community Debate. Listen, consider, and provide feedback on the skills that pay the bills (the content & presentation in the debate). Help youth improve their ability to communicate their ideas. 

3. Collaboration for a Better Bay! This event is a small (limited seating available) collaboration & problem-solving event. Join educators and youth to tackle a significant problem of our time. Brainstorm a vital concern in the Bay. Make suggestions for solutions. Start an Action Plan that can be pursued in the future.