Career Pathways

The Career Pathways program links our high school debaters with potential career paths. Participating in debate gives under-served students the skills they need to gain admittance into college and succeed in the professional world. The Career Pathways program provides opportunities for students to gain real-life exposure to careers that utilize the valuable skills gained through debate. This program is only open to current BAUDL debaters.

Education Internship: Become an Assistant Debate Coach

High school students will work as assistant-coaches for the BAUDL middle school league. Education Interns will work directly with students while learning what it takes to teach a class, engage students, and work in a school environment. This is a great opportunity to see how the school and teachers operate for success in the classroom.

Responsibilities & Highlights:
- Attend weekly practices and 6-7 middle school debate tournaments
- Collaboratively build curriculum to teach public speaking and debate
- Deliver lessons for middle school students through debate clubs
- Mentor middle schoolers at tournaments
- Learn how to assist students with differing abilities and learning needs

Each middle school team may have 1 high school assistant coach. If you are interested in becoming a teacher or pursuing a career related to education, this is the internship for you!

There are currently 6 positions available per semester which will be chosen through an interview process. Compensation for Education Interns will be $350/semester.

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Mass Communication Internship: Work on a Radio Show

Through a partnership with the San Francisco State University and KSFS Radio, students have the opportunity to be part of a radio show. Under the direction of KSFS, a small cohort of students will work together to host a weekly radio program. Interns will learn about best practices and what goes into a radio program. 

Responsibilities & Highlights:
- work together to design and run a weekly radio program
- brainstorm ideas for current or new shows
- communicate with station managers and contacts
- develop communication skills specific to media and live entertainment
- learn about the logistical side of radio programming

A position as a Mass Communication Intern is an excellent way to pave a career path to several forms of media, such as TV broadcasting or journalism. If you are interested in a career in any type of mass communication, this is the internship for you!

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Law Mentorship: Connect with an Attorney

Students will be partnered with a practicing attorney and will engage in monthly meetings. Mentors will provide helpful insight into the legal field and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Benefits & Highlights:
- Opportunity to ask questions and gain advice from someone with experience
- Talk to someone who has studied law and understands the path to success
- Get advice about what to look for in college law programs
- Receive a tour of your mentor's law firm
- Learn more about what attorneys do on a daily basis
- Find out about different career paths within the legal profession

Debaters already have many skills necessary for a career in law. This mentorship opportunity will serve as a valuable tool in setting yourself on the path to becoming a successful lawyer. If you are interested in a career in law, this mentorship is for you!

There are mentorship spots for approximatley 10-15 students.

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