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Traveling Team Program (TT)

Travel team extends the debate season for students who want more competitive opportunities than offered in the regular BAUDL tournament calendar. Traveling team consists of an additional weekly practice, three hours in length, with a professional/elite debate coach who takes the "team" to compete in an additional 10-14 regional and national tournaments a school year. The traveling team competition calendar includes tounaments hosted by Stanford and UC, Berkeley, as well has the California High School Speech and Debate Association circuit. TT students compete against the best and the brightest in California​ and the nation. ​And we are rising to the occassion! BAUDL debaters placed at 9 of the 14 tournaments they attended in the 2014-2015 school year, including a threepeat where the top team from Skyline High School won three tournaments consecutively! 

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Want to Join Travel Team? ​        ​​

  •  ​ ​​      How Can I Help the Travel Team Program? ​      ​ 

    1. BAUDL Travel Team can always use the help of experienced debate professionals. Sometimes the gift of time is the most valuable things to give a young person. If you competed in policy debate for two or more years and are interested in volunteering to:

         · Co-Teach a session – students want to hear from other experts!

         · Help with practice debates – more coaches make more debates possible & practice is the backbone of success!

         · Judge at a travel team tournament (always on weekends) – BAUDL relies on the goodwill of volunteers to judge for us at invitational tournaments. 

    Please contact Coach Rashid Campbell at Rashid organizes all Travel Team practice.

    2. Laptop donation is an amazing way to give a student access to the world. Regional and national debate has gone electronic! If your laptop is 2-4 years old and you are ready for an upgrade, donate your old laptop to a BAUDL travel team debater. That laptop might be too old for you, but it's just right for a youth to use in debate tournament competition! If you have a laptop donation, contact our office at or 510-451-4020.

    3. Earmark a gift for the Travel Team Program. This program matches the travel experience and opportunities of any well-funded public school debate team. As a result, BAUDL covers every expense for our travel team students. A travel team tournament requires hotel rooms, airfare or ground transportation, meals, judging and tournament entry fees, experienced coaching, and materials (laptops, thumb drives, portable laptop stands, pens, legal paper, & timers).

         · $50 puts the basic materials for the season in a debaters hands. They will have a portable laptop stand, pens, legal pads, timers, and a thumb drive.

         · $100 sends a young debater to compete outside of the BAUDL at a regional travel team tournament. Here young debaters will expand their minds to the many      possibilities for debate arguments, meet students from all over the Bay Area, and make life-long connections to students and coaches.

         · $250 sends an experienced debater to an in-state national tournament. Tournaments like CSU, Fullerton, Stanford, and UC, Berkeley provide top level national competition. These tournament push the minds of BAUDL youth to their maximum capacity. Students work for countless hours for this opportunity. BAUDL wants to attend four in-state national tournaments, taking eight students, to each this season, but we need your help!

         · $500 procures a brand new laptop for a student. Many Bay Area families cannot afford the luxury of providing their child with a personal laptop, despite the clear need for this tool of modern education. Taking a laptop home each night gives students the ability to engage in self-directed learning and the ability to learn, connect, and share with others. Because BAUDL keeps up with laptop maintenance, your gift of a new laptop will make a difference for many years to many students.

         · $1,000 travels students out of California for a life-changing experience. Students will leave California, some for the first time in their life, to compete at a national tournament in a major US city. The best competition in the nation is certain to show up and put BAUDL youth to the fiercest of intellectual tests. These tournaments get students noticed by college recruiters and can single handedly change the life of a young person. Without your compassion and generosity, we cannot offer such a life-changing experience to our youth.​ ​

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Any BAUDL student can join the Traveling Team Program. Practice is held weekly starting in August. East Bay TT meets every Friday from 4:30-7:30PM at the BAUDL Office (287 17th St, Suite 201, Oakland). San Francisco TT meets on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30PM at Mission High School (3750 18th St, San Francisco).