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BAUDL Presents
The 5th Annual Gala Award Dinner

8th Annual JBDI is around the corner!
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As this season comes to a close it’s time to gear up for next year! The BAUDL will once again be hosting the JBDI this summer! Click here to see our registration page.

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Sending our Graduates off to College

Alumni Maria Ramos Congratulations to our graduating seniors who will be starting college this fall! Our new alumni are headed off to universities as far away as Brown and the University of Pennsylvania on the east coast, and as close to home as UC Berkeley. Out of the 42 seniors debating in the BAUDL last school year, 100% graduated. This is far above Oakland Unified School District’s graduation rate of 66.8%, and even higher than San Francisco’s 81.7%.
Learn more about why debate helps public high school students graduate and see the list of the universities they will attend.



BAUDL Hosts Its Largest Teacher Training in San Francisco
Teachers at our SF PDWhen students participate in debate, they are engaging in a style of learning that achieves a greater depth of engagement than most traditional teaching styles. Debate pedagogy approaches education in a way that reverses the typical classroom environment. It puts the student voice at the center of evidence-based argumentation while instructors do the listening. The methods used to teach students how to debate shouldn't be limited to after school practices. Exposing teachers to debate pedagogy provides them with new tools to successfully engage students in the classroom.
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